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Dr. Aviva


As a board certified physician specializing in addiction medicine, Dr. Aviva strives to bring you compassionate quality care for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. If you are ready to take back control over your life, we are here to help. 

Dr. Aviva is board certified in Addiction Medicine and Family Medicine. She graduated with her MD from Ben Gurion University and is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. She is a member of The American Society of Addiction Medicine. The American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM)certification in Addiction Medicine means that Dr. Aviva is recognized as having the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize and treat addiction. Click here to view her certification status.

American Society of Addiction Medicine




As a board certified nurse practitioner, Diane supports our clients in every step of their recovery journey. Leading our Wellness Program, she ensures your detox and recovery is as comfortable as possible.

Diane is board certified Nurse Practitioner. She graduated with a Master's in Nursing from Widener University, her BS in Nursing at Eastern University,  and is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania.

Diane is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the American Nursing Association, and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She also holds a Chair position of the Patient/Family Education Committee.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr Aviva is professional, private and personal. She understood my individual issues and was dedicated to helping me succeed in sobriety. I am a clinical social worker by profession and highly recommend Dr. Aviva.”
- Lee Hannan, patient
- O.C., patient“I was at my lowest point, feeling hopeless, deeply depressed and mourning the end of my marriage and loss of my partner. I was using alcohol to treat my anxiety and sadness and became dependent. This dependence started to take its toll on my life in a negative way. I no longer recognized myself. The best phone call I ever made was calling Dr. Aviva. It saved my life. Life changing.”
“Primarily, my opiate addiction. I was heavily dependent on oxycodone and taking opiates at an increasing rate. I was also abusing a variety of other substances including Adderall (prescribed), cocaine, acid, alcohol, marijuana - really anything I could get my hands on.  Though apprehensive, I voluntarily entered Dr. Avivas outpatient detox and follow-up program. Detox was like coming out of a dense fog and rediscovering my true self. Thirty days in, friends and family noticed a change both in disposition and appearance. I was thinking more clearly and communicating better. Color returned to my face and I no longer looked cadaverous.  I felt more like myself; I was "there" again.” - N.B., patient
- Brett C, patient“Needed help coping with life after drinking.  I had another relapse and was ready to try something besides just 12 step meetings. Dr. F has been instrumental in my recovery.  I feel so much less shame and less of a stigma from being an alcoholic and addict. When I visit her, I feel like we're just discussing a condition that I have and ways to treat it.  And I always leave feeling better.”


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