Sublocade can help you stay sober and drug-free

Medication assisted treatment and psychotherapy work together to help you stay sober and improve your life. Many people are aware of Suboxone, and other oral medications for opiate use disorder. What they don’t know is there is an Injectable buprenorphine, known by the brand name SUBLOCADE®, which can be part of your recovery plan.

How Sublocade works

For opiate dependence: Sublocade can help reduce withdrawal symptoms and minimize cravings. Sublocade is an injectable, once a month, treatment that slowly releases buprenorphine into your bloodstream at a steady rate. It can be started once all opiates such as Percocet, Oxycodone, Vicodin, Heroin or Fentanyl are out of your system.  Sublocade is a partial agonist, which means it binds to the opiate receptor sites in your brain and blocks opiates from attaching. 

Sublocade can help you become more able to engage in behavioral treatment. For an overview of how Sublocade fits into a treatment approach for addiction, including behavioral therapies,  to read more about treatment with Sublocade.

Is Sublocade a “cure for addiction”?

Sublocade can help you stay drug-free but Sublocade is not a cure for substance use disorder. Sublocade should be part of an overall recovery program that may include counseling, group therapy, lifestyle changes, attending support group meetings, and other parts of the customized treatment plan that you and our team at Thalia Medical Center will develop to meet your needs.

Will Sublocade enable me to avoid withdrawal symptoms?

No. You should start Sublocade treatment after you have completed detoxification.

Isn’t this just exchanging one addiction for another?

At prescribed doses, buprenorphine was designed to have a weaker effect on the brain compared to illicit opioids and not cause a “high.” These doses can then reduce cravings, while blocking other opioids from causing rewarding effects, which can make taking them less appealing.

How is Sublocade administered?

Sublocade is administered by injection under the skin in your abdomen (stomach) and is administered every 28 days.

How do I get Sublocade?

Sublocade is a prescription medication and should be given only under the direct supervision of your doctor. 

Sublocade is now covered by most insurance plans, under certain circumstances, so patients with approved insurance coverage will only have to pay for their deductible or co-pay. When you meet with one of our providers at Thalia Medical Center, you will discuss a treatment plan that may include Sublocade. No single treatment is right for everyone. We will tailor the treatment approach to your needs. Reach out today to find out more.


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