Pharmacogenetic Testing

As a step towards creating a more accurate and personalized treatment plan, we offer pharmacogenetic testing. We just take a simple mouth swab in the office and about a week later have information about the genetically appropriate medication(s) for you.

What is the GeneSight® Psychotropic test?

Genesight package

If you’ve been diagnosed with depression and failed at least one medication, you may benefit from GeneSight® Psychotropic, a pharmacogenomic test that analyzes how your DNA may affect your response to depression medications. The results of the test can help your doctor prescribe a more genetically optimal medication and avoid medications that may cause side effects or be less likely to work.

The GeneSight test analyzes a patient’s genes and gives healthcare providers information to help them select the medicine(s) that are more likely to work for an individual patient. GeneSight provides answers that can lead to a personalized treatment plan and faster response and remission for patients.

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