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  • DEA Whistleblower – Must see video
    CBS’s 60 Minutes recently screened a fascinating – and troubling – episode featuring a whistleblower from the Drug Enforcement Administration detailing the way that certain pharmaceutical companies have used their lobbying influence to Read more
  • Perspectives from town hall meeting on opioid abuse in Haverford Township.
    The Deleware County News Network recently reported on a town hall meeting on opioid abuse in Haverford Township. The panelists at the event, organized by the Haverford Alliance for Drug Awareness (HADA) Read more
  • A new approach to naloxone?
    A fascinating new study by the Boston Medical Center suggests that the medical industry should change its approach to naloxone. Instead of just keeping it stocked behind the counter, the authors argue, pharmacists Read more
  • Learning to live sober
    Learning to live sober For many people, the prospect of living without the refuge of becoming drunk can be daunting. By the time they decide they have to quit, many heavy Read more
  • Biopsychosocial treatment for pain relief
    If you are searching for a more effective treatment for pain relief, ask your doctor about biopsychosocial treatment. At PainWeek 2016,  Beth Darnall, PhD, presented studies that supported the role of Read more
  • Empowering patients to fight opioid addiction
    Empowering patients to fight opioid addiction PA Physicians, including Dr. Aviva Fohrer discuss addiction treatment, PDMPs, and alternative treatment options for chronic pain at Opioids Symposium I am proud to have participated in Read more
  • What we can learn from the death of Prince
    The New York Times reports that on the day that Prince died, he was scheduled to meet with a representative of a medical addiction professional to get help. Perhaps, the death Read more
  • Can medication cure addiction?
    Can medication cure addiction? Addiction is a chronic relapsing disease and, like other chronic diseases, does not really have a ‘cure’. NPR reports that there are multiple factors contributing to addiction, among them Read more





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