Alcohol Use Disorder

You can quit drinking alcohol

Are you trying to quit drinking alcohol? Thalia Medical Center can help. We treat alcohol addiction using evidence based practices with a holistic approach. You can get immediate support while working to make a long-lasting recovery.

We will work with your therapist and your primary physician to help get your life back on track. Treatment for your alcohol dependence may include the use of medications, therapy, and changes to diet and lifestyle. In addition, we will work on healing the causes of your relationship with alcohol, identifying triggers, and making healthy choices to support your recovery. If you have other mental health concerns or challenges, we will help you with that too.

We use cutting edge monitoring devices to help keep you sober. 


Get help today

Getting sober is a big personal step towards recovery and we will work with you to conquer your alcohol addiction. Reading this page is already the first step. To get help for alcohol addiction, call us now at (610) 455-4254 for a free 15-minute consultation, email [email protected], or just fill out the contact form below and click submit.


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